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MediNotes e EMR is helping thousands of physicians in over 20 medical specialties across the country automate their practices with intuitive functionality that makes essential patient information available at the point of care. Along with electronic prescribing capabilities, chief complaint templates to make documentation fast and efficient, patient graphics to illustrate diagnostic and treatment information, and patient instructions that can be printed or e-mailed, MediNotes e maximizes your time for direct patient care.

While other EMR systems can be confusing and require your staff to navigate from screen to screen for the right information, MediNotes e uses a new approach based on clinical workflow to reduce training time for busy medical staff. Based on the same multi-tasking concepts designed for internet users, tabs in MediNotes e allow you to efficiently manage the many tasks of a clinical encounter. MediNotes e can display multiple patients, encounter notes, workflow items, patient messages, alerts and more.

MediNotes e electronic health record (EMR) is MediNotes flagship solution and has been working in physicians' offices and clinics for over 10 years. With content for 20 different specialties, MediNotes e integrates with nearly 70 practice management (PM) products and offers physicians the opportunity to keep their current office systems.

Office Dashboard

MediNotes e offers a practice–centric dashboard that allows physicians and staff to optimize the efficiency of their office. By dividing practice information into four convenient categories — Practice View, Patient View, Document View and Object View — MediNotes e provides real–time information on every aspect of your practice.

  • Practice View – a global view of the practice, including messages, patient flow, pending labs, pending histories and automated tasks;
  • Patient View – displays multiple patients (each with their own color coded tab) and customizable panels that can be organized to view patient tasks;
  • Document View – enables you to filter all the documents within MediNotes e, including patient instructions and referral letters;
  • Object View – allows you to view, customize and save templates and exam dialogues.

Comprehensive Charting

MediNotes e™ features flexible note templates that allow you to customize the program to suit your clinical and business needs. With the ability to create common lists for frequent exams, medications and symptoms, MediNotes enables you to easily document multiple chief complaints using color–coded text that guides you though each patient encounter.

Additional MediNotes e features include:

  • Default phrasing that allows for charting by exception;
  • New-note-from-old-note capabilities;
  • Ability to place notes on hold; and
  • Graphics and/or digital images that can be drawn on and placed in the note.

MediNotes e incorporates a complete list of ICD–9 and CPT codes (licensed from the American Medical Association (AMA)). Based on the documented choices during the exam, MediNotes e suggests appropriate codes for billing.

Reliable, Accessible and Secure

MediNotes has been delivering reliable health information technology solutions to thousands of clinicians for more than a decade. Our EMR solutions are installed in over 4,800 practices nationwide, and built using SQL Anywhere Studio. With more than 23,000 users depending on MediNotes e, we can't afford to compromise on quality products and world-class service.

MediNotes e makes your patients' medical records accessible from any computer in the office. By implementing our EMR solution, you'll spend time with your patients, not looking for lost charts or patient information.

Increasing involvement of government – state and federal – in the area of electronic health records can help to accelerate the adoption of EMRs and the quality and efficiency benefits EMRs deliver. MediNotes brought in independent HIPAA experts to ensure that the system is compliant with those requirements – and we passed with flying colors. Additionally, MediNotes e version 5.2 is a CCHIT certified for CCHIT Ambulatory EMR 2007.

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Add on Features

In addition to the many unique features of MediNotes e, MediNotes e Rx for electronic prescribing and MediNotes e Scan, a document management solution that can drastically reduce the paper in your office, are available as enhancements or on a stand-alone basis. Ask your MediNotes representative for more information.

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